Lakeside Theatre

The Lakeside Theatre presents an international and culturally diverse programme of theatre, dance, live art, music, film screenings and stand up comedy nights, all for a fully public audience.

The theatre also works closely with the University’s Centre for Theatre Studies and is a prime site for students' engagement with the creation, viewing and critique of contemporary performance.

The Lakeside Theatre supports community and education work. Our regular film screenings are run in collaboration with local film promoters Wivenhoe Reel Appeal; we showcase local company productions out of University term-time and the Lakeside Theatre provides a home for The Young Actors Company on Saturday mornings.

The Lakeside Theatre Box Office is run in conjunction with our friends at the Mercury Theatre Colchester who handle our online bookings and provide a Town Centre point of sale for our tickets. 

Telephone 01208 873262 for further information or e-mail Pasco Kevlin, Theatre Director at


Box Office

Lakeside Theatre tickets can be bought on
campus or in Colchester

Lakeside Theatre
Mon–Fri: 8.30am–4pm, Sat: 10am–2pm
Box Office: 01206 873288

Art Exchange
Mon–Fri: 11am–5pm, Sat: 12pm–4pm
Tel: 01206 873184

Mercury Theatre
Mon–Sat: 10am–8pm
Tickets: 01206 573948