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What is Arts on 5?

Arts on 5 is the banner heading for the two arts venues located on Square 5 at the University of Essex Colchester Campus: The Lakeside Theatre & Art Exchange gallery.

We also hold the University’s collection of Latin American Art - Europe’s largest - currently on display in the Albert Sloman Library.

On Campus, the Arts are on Square 5. Arts on 5. Easy!

What does Arts on 5 do?
Arts on 5 is run by a small and dedicated team who work closely with both internationally renowned and emerging artists and performers to bring together a thought-provoking and excellent programme of arts events for a fully public audience.

We work with academics and encourage the development of new plays, exhibitions and ideas in our spaces. We work with students who make a huge impact on Arts on 5, regularly contributing to our theatre and exhibitions programme.

Who can come to Arts on 5 events?
All our events are fully public. If you see something you like, come!