Poland 3 Iran 2

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Performance Time: 19:30

Venue: Top Bar, University of Essex

In 1976, the best ever Polish football team played against the best ever Iranian football team in the Montreal Olympics. Such a clash of talent led to a memorable game with Poland edging to a 3-2 win. 
Join Mehrdad Seyf and Chris Dobrowolski in the bar where they discuss football, revolution, swimming, love, Subbuteo and father-son relationships aided by footage from the match and stills from their family photo albums. Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy.

A beautiful exploration of boyhood, of family eccentricities, of migration, of political resistance, and a father-son relationship.” Total Theatre

Why not take advantage of the Double Show Deal? See Poland 3 Iran 2 and take part in the Frankfurt Formula for £12.00, Concs £8.00 or UoE £6.00.
A Homegrown Festival event
Tickets: Full: £9.00, Concs: £6.00, UoE £4.00 / Double show deal with Frankfurt Formula: Full: £12.00, Concs: £8.00, UoE: £6.00

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